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Mary Heller, Choreographer
Greetings parents, grandparents and caregivers of all potty trained, late 2.5 – early 5 year olds! My name is Mary Heller. I am a 29-
year, national, professional, full-time veteran Choreographer, Dance Educator, Teaching Artist, Socially Engaged Dance Artist,
Scholar, Dancer, and Wellness Advisor. My passions, and callings in life are:
1. Using unprecedented two-way technology to allow us to be socially engaged globally in training, and choreographic processes.
2. Dance for all movement abilities, and ages.
3. Using Creative Movement for people of all ages to learn the foundations of all dance forms while also kinetically learning another
aspect of math, science, etc., specifically, vectors.
4. Creative Aging, which we all do from being born into the human, to passing into non-human.
In teaching Creative Movement for the last 29 years nationally, I have had the privilege to
witness hundreds of kids grow tremendously in their awareness in “space”, “time” and “energy”
elements doing already what kids do naturally: dance! Kids learn to answer together, and on
their own, in their own unique ways, the unlimited creative movement problems in the
methodology of Creative Movement. This leads to inherent learning of cooperation, with
others, and with their own bodies!

Brains hold our knowledge, and bodies give us the experience of our knowledge to embody
information. Children learn new ways to move with their body, and stay unafraid to express
their OWN, authentic ideas through movement as they grow older. It is invaluable for
cognitive development, and nurtures the foundation for future training of any of the
thousands of dance forms on the planet, hundreds of sports, and other movement arts such as
yoga, and martial art modalities.
See more about the women who codified this amazing methodology, Anne Green Gilbert. I have used every single one of Anne’s
lesson plans, as well as Mary Joyce’s, “Dance Technique for Children” for the last 29 years when teaching Creative Movement for late
2.5 – early 6 years. See more about this book
HERE. For seven of these years I taught 26 average hours every week, 48 weeks out of
each consecutive year, Creative Movement, and Pre-Ballet, Pre-Tap & Pre-Jazz using Creative Movement to hundreds of children that
helped them successfully train in various dance forms, sports, and other movement modalities. Many have kept dance, and/or other
movement arts in their life, which has helped them be clear, peaceful, happy, and allow brain/body access to non-fearful choices in
movement, and thus, life! Graduate school, stressful jobs, entrapanural endeavors, and parenting have been better approached through
healthy choices by most all of these former students now as young people due to Creative Movement training, and their chosen
movement arts training they kept practicing in their lives thereafter!

Nerve cells that fire together, wire together. This is what the power of Creative Movement training can do: fire and wire healthy,
creative, imaginative ways to change shape, and thus, change state of being through the elements of dance! This skill is crucial in
fighting future depression, unnecessary anger, sadness, and self-fear later in life, even for early transitions such as kindergarten. A
confidence of knowledge embodied is a huge skill gained within this methodology of Creative Movement.

When I was a self-employed parent, and my partner was traveling for his work I would of just loved to have taken a class for me,
while at the same time having my young daughter take one of her own so no babysitter was needed for that hour, thus allowing me
to do my chosen movement art for me to be a better parent for her. Usually no good sitter was available for this hour. I am offering
this opportunity to you, and your child(ren) right here in the Prescott area beginning Thursday, Jan. 5th, 2017!

Join me in taken an amazing dance experience for YOU, and one for your CHILD in the same hour! The Creative Movement teacher I
choose will be skilled, and have training by me. See more
HERE, and register now! We need a minimum of four parents, and children
for each class to make it run for this 8-week session. Advanced scheduled absences can be pro-rated!

More info. about Dance, and research are below. Thank you for investing the time to read this, and learn about this gem of an art
form methodology for your child(ren), and for learning more about BeMoved®, (, for YOU!

I was a Professor of Dance at the University of Idaho, 2006-2011. I hold a M.F.A. in Dance, (Pedagogy, Choreography, Technology
and Performance) from Florida State University. I am Kinesiology and Anatomy based with Physical Therapy, and Occupational
therapy movements embedded in most class offerings. I am a 7 year Certified Artistry 2 BeMoved®, (highest level), and Gentle
BeMoved® Instructor, and the only such teacher in the state of Arizona. For athletes, or those wanting to hone muscle memory
alignment I have crafted, and taught Heller Barre Practice® for over three decades.

You can see more at ,, and

E-Motion – How Your Emotional Baggage May Be Sabotaging Your Health,and
What To Do About It. Dr. Mercola – See

Dance and Music alter the brain in opposite ways – which also compliments each

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Gentle BeMoved is also part of the Creative Aging program of Arizona.
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