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   Gather friends, bring your imagination and pick up a piece of chalk.  Once again, artists of all ages and skill will create a weekend
museum of pavement chalk art on Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 201 N.
Montezuma Street – in the National Bank of Arizona’s parking lot.

   Chalk It Up! Prescott is a FREE, family-friendly, community-centered, artistic endeavor intended to cultivate and support the
creativity in people of all ages and abilities. In just eight years Chalk It Up! Prescott has created a community centered public art event
attended by over 5,000 people. All ages have the opportunity to create drawings, listen to live music, make memories in the photo
booth, view the art and share in the fun. Come by to see the work of our featured artists from around the state of Arizona and make
a masterpiece of your own. Prizes are awarded throughout the day for categories like People’s Choice, Best Use of Detail, Best
Landscape, Best Animal, Best Collaboration, Best Use of Color, and even Grubbiest Chalker. And don’t forget, everyone who
participates is a winner!
  The art of street painting has been around since
the 16th century. Artists create beautiful images
using the pavement as their canvas and pastel
chalks as their medium. There are currently many
prestigious festivals in Europe and America that
celebrate this traditional art form. A street
painting festival is a combination of performance
art and public art. Spectators can experience the
actual creation process, interact with the artist, and
even participate by creating their own work of art.
As an artist, you will be able to work on a large
scale with pastel chalks that are extremely
user-friendly in an inspiring environment while
you interact socially and enjoy live entertainment.
Come join us for a wonderful experience!
   Chalk It Up! Prescott is managed through the West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Foundation and community volunteers.  All proceeds will
help fund next year’s event as well as benefit the six funding priorities the Foundation has identified to help improve community mental
health in the quad-cities area.
 “The great thing about the event is that it brings all members of the family together.
   There were grandparents on the ground, drawing with their grandchildren and having
      a great time. I overheard so many people saying ‘This is so much fun!”
Saturday Entertainment

11am Gurley Girls
12pm Dance Studio
12:30pm Generation Band
1:30pm Fusion of Movement
2pm Twisted Tubulum
3pm Hoop Fixation
Sunday Entertainment

12pm Tiger Zumba
1pm New Moon Tribal School
of Bellydance
1:30 Hoop Fixation

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is pretty darn easy to make, and by doing it at home, you can save money, create your own designs and colors, and
have fun with the whole family.

You can get everything you need for this project from a craft or art supply store and around the house.  You'll need:
• Plaster of Paris
• Water
• Powdered Tempera Paint
• Mixing Bowl
• Molds
I used some fun molds that came with a plaster of Paris kit, and some of the neat ice tube trays from IKEA.  They even make tube-
shaped ones if you want traditional chalk shapes.

To make your own stick molds, try using toilet paper rolls.  To make them thinner, just cut a seam, overlap the edges, and tape

For every cup of plaster of Paris, use 3/4 cup of water.  Add in as much powdered tempera as you like, and stir, stir, stir!

I found that the color of the chalk when using it on paper didn't come out as strong as it seemed like it would.  So be prepared to
do some experimenting.

Pour the mixture into your molds.  For fun, mix up a few different colors, and swirl them together!  

I used a wooden skewer to level off the tops of the molds so they'd have flat backs.

Clean up is very important - and you don't want to rinse this stuff down your sink.  See how it's setting up in those molds?  It's
going to do the same in your pipes!

Take a container like a small waste bin, and line it with a plastic bag.  Pour in some water, and use this as a sink to rinse everything -
all materials, your hands, everything!    Let the plaster set up in the bottom, and the water will rise to the top.  Once it's settled, you
can pour off the water from the top, leaving the plaster undisturbed.   Dispose of the bag.

Drying time will vary, depending on size of the molds you use.  It's pretty easy to tell by look and feel when the chalk will be ready
to de-mold.  Even if you pop it out and it's not set yet, you can let it air dry a bit more without worrying about it losing its shape.

Now get outside and make some art!!

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