Prescott Parent is an online resource guide for families in the Quad-Cities of Arizona. With our event
calendar, family resource guide, social media outlets, free subscription, and more: Prescott Parent allows
our followers to access our information in a way most convenient for them. By creating an online “hub”
of family resources our followers have the ability to see all the Quad-Cities has to offer on one easy to
navigate website, saving them much valued time.

The Prescott Parent event calendar offers families the ability to see many different events available
throughout the day. They will not just find children events listed, but many community events inspiring a
love of the arts, as well as a continued joy for exploration and education for all ages. One thing we
continually hear from our followers is many have the Prescott Parent event calendar on the top of their
favorites list and check in to our social media sites throughout the day.

Prescott Parent was created to make the life of a parent, grandparent, or guardian less stressful. We want
families and children throughout the Quad Cities to feel empowered, inspired, supported, and hopeful for
their future. Prescott Parent is, and will always be a completely FREE Quad City family resource. Our
continued online and community presence creates an opportunity for a greater in depth relationship with
our followers.

Our followers are all connected at the most basic level, family. Prescott Parent has a vocal and diverse
community. With all these different family dynamics and interests, our advertisers are easily able to reach
those directly looking for their services.

Our reach extends throughout Northern Arizona with those interested in taking a family trip to the
Prescott area. We also connect with many families in the months prior to moving to our area via online
forums and real estate management companies. Prescott Parent is already making recommendations of
your business or service before they even get to the Prescott area.

Our advertising price structure enables many different businesses, non-profit organizations, community
resource centers, etc., to list their services with us regardless of their advertising budget. We never turn
away a beneficial organization or business from utilizing our advertising and referrals to its full extent of
support. If you have a great idea for a trade option because the budget is just not in it for advertising at
this time, don’t feel shy to run your ideas by us. Prescott Parent loves to get creative with our advertisers
as our main goal is to support the families who would benefit from what you have to offer.

Prescott Parent contributors and administrative team are all parents or grandparents that reside
throughout the Quad Cities. We are right in “the parenting trenches” with our followers, enabling us to
have an instinctual insight to what our followers need and are looking for. Prescott Parent is based in
Prescott. We are local and are here to support other local businesses and services. Prescott Parent has
many community partners and supports their ventures and business as if they are a part of our own.

Average Monthly Visitors and/or Public Reach:
Calendar of Events: 135K
Website Home-page & Main Landing Pages: 167K
Social Media: 82K
Prescott Parent Pinterest Page: 110K

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