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The Arizona SciTech Festival is a state-wide
celebration of science, technology, engineering
and math (STEM or STEAM when you include the
arts) held annually in February and March.
Through a series of over 1000 expos, workshops,
conversations, exhibitions and tours held in diverse
neighborhoods throughout the state, the Arizona
SciTech Festival excites and informs Arizonans
from ages 3 to 103 about how STEM will drive our
state for next 100 years.
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I Was a Parenting Expert
It’s too bad I didn’t write a book about parenting
before I had a team of nurses cheering me on to Push!
Push! Push! You see, prior to those first twinges of
labor pain, I was a parenting expert.
Lessons by Lexe is a dance
studio that offers a
complete program for all
ages and styles of dance.
We offer affordable rates
and a variety of fun classes
for all. We also offer
parties, events, individual,
and group classes. Rates are
so affordable you can have
a date night out and learn
a new dance with your
partner. We also can choreograph your first wedding dance and even flash
It looks really challenging, raising kids. A parent receives
no training, likely has no previous experience, and their
target keeps changing. Figure out how your infant works
and suddenly, you’ve got a toddler, and then a kid, a
tween, and then, glory be, a teen. It looks really hard. We
have both lived 50 years without becoming parents and,
to be honest, we sometimes feel a sense of relief about
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Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary Annual Yard Sale, March 31 – April 2; 9am-4pm
Each year, HPZS holds a yard sale fundraiser that supports the animal care and education programs we have
here at the sanctuary.
Right now, we’re looking for your help to help us make this the most successful event
yet! We’ve already received some amazing donations from the community, but we still need your help. Your
tax-deductible donations can be dropped off any day of the week (10 am – 4 pm), or for larger items we can
arrange a pickup. If you have unwanted or unused items just taking up space, bring them to us – it’s the easiest
way to support your favorite animals!
For those interested in attending the yard sale, you’ll be able to enter at
a gate next to the Pavilion
at the zoo and browse without paying any admission.